Tuesday, 5 June 2012

June 2012 Lodge Meeting

The next meeting of the Regency Lodge No. 233 will be on Tuesday the 12th of June 2012 at the Broadview Masonic Centre, 565 Regency Rd, Broadview SA 5083.

We tyle at 7.15 pm

This month we will be raising a Brother to the Sublime Degree of the Master Mason.

All Freemasons welcome!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

April meeting of the Regency Lodge

The Regency Lodge met on Tuesday the 10th of April.

It was a very busy night, there was a lecture on the First Degree Tracing Board for a Brother who has just been Initiated, a ballot for our proposed Worshipful Master, and a double Second Degree for a father and son!

We retired to an excellent Festive Board for the usual Masonic toasts and refreshments.

Next meeting on the 8th of May will be the Raising to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason for one of our Brothers. 

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Regency Lodge Meeting for August 2011

The next meeting of the Regency Lodge No 233 will be held on Tuesday the 9th of August, 2011 at the Broadview Masonic Centre, 565 Regency Rd, Broadview SA 5083.

We Tyle at 7.15 PM

Members, please bring a plate of cakes and savories for the Festive Board.

The Master's Notes - July 2011

Brethren I send greetings to all of the members of The Regency lodge No 233. The July meeting was a memorable occasion when a Father and Son were initiated Brothers I.M. and S.M., a long time since we had the privilege to witness a similar event. In fact in all my years as a Freemason I have never initiated a father and son. To them both we extend a hearty welcome and we trust that they derive much enjoyment from their associations with Freemasons. I assure you there is much to gain but it depends on how much you are prepared to put into your Freemasonry. This was a great ceremony.

Due to illness we had to find another member to fill the important office of Junior Deacon and G.J. carried out his tasks impeccably, and my grateful thanks to G.J.

Our Director A.S. still a young man and he holds a position many take for granted, but he has helped me during the year and most of the ceremonies flow smoothly due to his interest in the Lodge, bear in mind he has responsibilities at home and has a daytime employment and studies to further his knowledge, and his ritual in the lodge room is great, thank you A.S.

A lodge often has to rely on Past Masters to fill vacancies as they happen Wpl Bro. W.C. occupied the Senior Deacons place due to the absence of Wpl. Bro. SW. Often W.C. can be seen filling in places in other lodges and he gets great enjoyment from the experience.

G.H. I initiated him in the Way Room in 2002 will be seen doing ritual work in the lodge room in future and will take office in November, I am overjoyed that he has decided to extend his interest in Freemasonry. Believe me young minds can grasp the ritual quicker than we oldies.

Let us consider now that we are entering the phase of the lodge running to Installation in November the Second Tuesday the Installing Master will be the Deputy Grand Master R.Wpl. Bro. R.P. Those of us who have parts to play make sure you know your work for the Installation, earlier the better. Should you need help then don’t be shy ask a qualified person. I am not done yet even though there are but three meetings to go and there are plans to have something quite different for the October meeting.

Those who are sick I trust you can make a speedy recovery, our thoughts are with you.

I conclude this brief resume by offering my thanks to all who have made it possible to enjoy each other’s company and ceremonies to remember.


Prince Alfred 30th July at the College 6pm

August 5th Perfect Cube, Regency Road, Lodge of Remembrance

August 9th The Regency Lodge

August 12th Concordia

August 15th Ardrossan

August 18th Enfield 1st Degree two candidates

August 16th Adelaide No 2, Port Adelaide

August 22nd Tea Tree Gully Ridgehaven

Brethren I have curtailed my visits due to my wife’s health as I need to see she has company whilst away and that is not always easy to achieve. 

Fraternal Regards to all

R.F. Master of The Regency Lodge No 233.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Regency Lodge Meeting for July 2011

The next meeting of the Regency Lodge No 233 will be a double First Degree Initiation of a father and son. A very special event and one that the Master of the Lodge is very much looking forward to.

Tuesday the 12th of July, 2011
Broadview Masonic Centre
565 Regency Rd
Broadview SA 5083.

We Tyle at 7.15 PM

Members should bring a plate of cakes and savories for the Festive Board.

All Masons are welcome to attend what will be a very special and memorable occasion.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Meeting report for June 2011

The Regency Lodge met on Tuesday the 14th of June 2011. We received the propositions for two new members, and conducted the raising of a Fellowcraft to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. This was followed by a wonderful Festive Board.